Monday, January 07, 2008

Roshan Khan's claim to fame

I have not applied to be Police CommissionerI will be grateful if you could publish in your prestigious newspapers this fact.

I, Roshan Khan, Chief Executive Officer/Founder of RK’s National Security Network, Ambassador of Peace (UPF) and President of the Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations have not applied to the Government to be appointed as Commissioner of Police, nor have I been offered the position.

There are serious rumors circulating on this.

The Guyana Police Force is blessed with experienced and capable officers who sacrificed and
worked through the ranks. They are the ones deserving of such appointment.

I pledge to work with the Police Force and the Ministry of Home Affairs, through various voluntary portfolios and my capacities.

Hope this clear the air.
Chief Executive Officer/Founder (1979)
RK’s National Security Network

Guyana360: Funny thing is, Roshan Khan acted as the Commissioner of Police in Rainbow Raani where he got his first 15 minutes of fame. De man now want another 15 minutes of fame. So he pens a letter about the same Commissioner of Police post. Which right-thinking Guyanese will believe that you will serve as Commissioner. Not even de rum shop lovers and your sleeping guards would buy that. You just want 15 minutes more of fame so you decide to write a letter.

Those dogs that u promised to take care of need more of your time than you jumping up to write imaginary letters in the local press.


  1. First and fore-most, I do not agree that Haji Roshan Khan of Guyana Security Services was trying to achieve another fifteen minutes of fame. I, too, have heard the rumors of Mr. Khan being a candidate for the position of Commissioner of Police. Mr. Khan has done nothing other clarify the facts from the hear-says while commending the police force.

    I'd like to thank him for his clarification. The Independent Film Rainbow Raani was fantastic.

  2. I agree
    Mr. Khan's positive impact on Guyana's well-being is indescribable. There are no words to really express how he has helped my family and I. He is a great, yet simple man...he should be recognized for the positive things...really. Why not comment on the financial, physical and emotional efforts that Mr. Khan contributed to our country?

    Oh....who ever speaks ill against Mr. Khan have nothing better to do other than sit on his backside and complain. Get a job...make a donation to your favourite charity...adopt a something with yourself...

    Thank you
    Anjali from Skeldon

  3. nanette from gtSunday, 28 June, 2009

    Wow ppl this ignorant to where they are attacking an man that has contributed so much to the country of guyana? you should be ashamed of yourself and anjali is right...go get a job...give something to your church...mosque...temple..whatever...geez. but lay off the man. he hasn't done anything to you or anyone else other than give. so relax...

  4. People have nothing better to do than to attack a hardworking man with a good heart, who earned his status through motivation and determination. Mr. Khan has done nothing but good things for our country. Get a life people...

  5. i agree...leave deh man and guh fine a woman or a man to deh wid...really...go and cook and clean yuh and don worry about other people story....

  6. nareema of essequiboTuesday, 13 October, 2009

    well said
    roshan khan has done a lot for local charities. he is constantly attacked. the people of guyana should be grateful.