Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Jagdeo a target?

Which one of these will create history? Cde. Jagdeo seems to point to the answer

So the mighty "Fineman" wants to create history if is girlfriend is not returned in the next few days. We are sure that the security forces are taking this threat as nothing. But, being the people we are, we will piece together the next target.

Here in Guyana we have had many killings, but we never had had an assassination of a President.

We have had a Minister killed

A dog

A pastor

A rising political party leader

Bandits in all forms

Children of all ages





Drug pushers

But, we never lost a President. Is he next?

Will he make it on the pages of "Fineman's" history book?

We hope this does not stir any anxiety among the President's camp. We call it how we see it.


  1. As angered as I am at this government's ineptitude I'd hate to see such a development.

  2. Glenn Lall should be the next target

  3. Fireman will be caught sooner or later by the joint services .Jadgeo has already created history by bringing Guyana out of the doldrums that the PNC had us in for 28 years .From the massive improvements in infrastructure ,schools,
    Education, housing,security and others ,Jadgeo has already created history.

  4. rite on gabby we know what u r talking about we suffered for 28 yrs

  5. It is quite sad to see such comments posted in light of the current circumstances. This forum/site in quite biased against the current government and is also touting the "race" thing, which is the lowest of the low. This fireman criminal must and will be caught, and should receive the harshest of punishment, be he black, brown or white. It is typical of Guyana's past dictitorial regime that was so one sided. Kudos to President Jagdeo for doing a fine job - change is ever so evident, with much progress towards a better future for the Guyanese people.