Friday, January 04, 2008

Some PPP/C Crony

So the chronicle went around the office soliciting comments from its staff who then pretended to be the man/woman/gay in the street. Hippy! Here is a glorious example of propaganda at work.

Mark King (Ramoutar) - Self employed

"I must say that last year was a productive year we saw a lot of development in the country and I am looking forward for more development in this year and in the other years to come. What I would really like to see is a reduction in the crime wave and road fatalities, these are two critical areas. The police therefore have to step up and do more especially with the number of accidents we had for last year. We can definitely have a reduction in road fatalities if the police clam down more seriously. Too many people are being killed by the hands of bandits and by road accidents and something must be done about it. I wish to see all Guyanese live in harmony and try to make the best out of everyday."

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