Friday, January 04, 2008

Killaman Lies

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It took Minister Killaman Lall six weeks to concoct this deadly dose of poison and then spew it to the gullible Guyana Chronicle and Kaieteur News, but withheld it from the Stabroek News.

In his over-exaggerated response which is obviously riddled with lies, the Minister sought to berate Stabroek News for its coverage of the controversy and in essence praised the Kaieteur News and Chronicle for its coverage. More pissing filth!!!

It was the KN that broke the news to the nation, and never reported another line until the President spoke on the matter. The SN published that they were seeking a response and that the Minister had promised to talk after his name was published. He never did even after he was named by SN after he was first named here. Now he is attacking the SN, how foolish.

We need not insult the Minister’s intelligence, he does a wonderful job at it in the Parliamentary seat he now barely holds by half of a buttock. One of the worst speakers in the house of Assembly, he often faces correction from the goodly Speaker, who on more than one occasion told the Minister “We understand what you mean Minister”.

Poor intelligence = poor management of any crisis and that is what this little episode has shown. How could a Minister that can’t manage a personal dilemma clean up the piles of problems in his Ministry?

Perhaps he needs a dose of laxative to help him remove the piles…This is share shit nonsense.

The police expound enormous energies to issue statements in almost every incident, yet they have not done so in this case.

In his response, the Minister portrays himself as the hero instead of the desperado character he has adopted in the eyes of the public. So he intervened in an argument then whipped out his firearm and fired one shot. But why then settle the matter if you were so right, Minister Killaman Lall?

If you are so correct Minister, then the KN and SN need to explain how their police sources contradicts your late fairy tale.

Perhaps you were stale drunk again when u wrote your statement.

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