Monday, January 07, 2008

Mail trail: Guyana under fire


Anti death penalty group Death Watch International this month turns its attention to Guyana. Guyana is the only country in South America to retain the death penalty. Five people were sentenced to death there in 2007 - bringing the total on Guyana’s death row to over 20. And the country voted against a recent United Nations' resolution calling for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty.

Death Watch International has asked its supporters to write to Guyana’s UN Ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Samuel R. Insanally, calling on the country to abandon the death penalty - and encouraged them to underline their point by adding some trash to their message.

Death Watch International’s Director, Simon Shepherd, explained:

“As our campaign seeks to highlight, the death penalty is an outdated and barbaric practice which belongs in the trashcan of history. In retaining the death penalty Guyana finds itself in an increasingly small minority. We hope Guyana will join its South American neighbours in abandoning the practice altogether.”

Guyana360: We still have the death penality on our statutes but there has been no hangings for years. Does this group turn fire on Governments that torture? Because we do not have torture on our statutes, yet it is openly practiced. Infact our Home Affairs Minister, Clement "Black Cat" Rohee says it is an accepted form of punishment since Guyanese are more concerened about issues of bread and roof over head. In other words, the skuntry is so hard that people nah gat time with other people punishment.

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  1. DR Insanally has no right to call to abondon DEATH PELALTY in guyana maybe he has'nt relative nor friend who are living under fear or maybe he has those who are commiting crimes
    and other ilegal acts.