Monday, August 10, 2009

Adam's inner self shines through AGAIN!

Adam Harris writing under his own name (not Peeping Tom, Blame the Governmnet or Dem Boys Seh) has finally allowed his inner self to really shine through. Very sly and a master of the language, Harris made the following statement...

"And for the records, I am surprised that there is so much brouhaha over what Simels and Vaughn have said. Some of the things they have told the American court were not true. Logic and legal principles dictate that if one aspect is untrue then the court has a right to deem everything untrue.Soldiers fetching beheaded bodies from the front of Buxton to the back? Come now Mr Simels."

Harris who has over the years been seen as an active voice for blacks in Guyana has thrown a master curve ball. Lets rip that statement apart.

Firstly Harris establishes that some of the things that were said in the Simels' trial is untrue. Such a statement would prejudice the outcome of any trial albeit miles away from the origin of the writings. If Harris is going to make such a bold statement, then he must decipher for readers the truth from the lies. Come on Mr. Harris, call on the inner baccoo.

Harris is obviously trying to tell us as readers that we must not accept some of the information being reported in the press about the trial. He goes further then to give evidence to support his statement.

But, Harris is very smart and is aware of the pro-black sentiments that maligns him that he feels less pressured to go the route to deal with an issue that Simels claims occured in Buxton.

Harris can do no wrong if he appears to disagree with a somewhat negative issue relating to Buxton. Simels spoke of soldiers fetching the bodies of beheaded canecutters from the front of Buxton to the back of the village. To this Harris says, "Come now Mr. Simels", suggesting that the embattled lawyer is making false claims.

We will not be hoodwinked by Harris because he used the Buxton example. Truth be told Harris is actually trying to have us reject the testimony by the US Government informant and Simels himself. Harris' real contention is not about Buxton, but about the grey clouds that hangs over the current Government, especially the Health Minister.

The wolf in sheep's clothing has thrown a smoke screen. He hopes that through his cunning writing, readers would begin to doubt the testimony against the Government that flowed during the trial in NY. Why doesn't Mr. Harris say directly that readers must not believe the evidence against the Government? He can't and so he tries to reverse the angle of attack.

Next time Mr. Harris, next time you might get past us!


  1. decifer is not a word. The word is decipher.

  2. Not surpising. Not long ago, it was revealed that Harris acts on instructions from the Office of the President. He is a proven obfuscator and soup drinker who has demonstrated a lack of integrity as a journalist. Adam Harris is a local Vishnu Bisram....not an ounce of credibility!

  3. I'll let Adam Harris represent his opinion here, but when you read names of top ranking army officials, like Edwards and Benn, as being the soldiers who took the beheaded missing sugar workers from the front of Buxton to the back of Buxton, you have to ask why would the 'generals' of the army do the foot soldiers' work? Can you see Edwards hauling a headless corpse aback Buxton? That's essentially Harris' point!

  4. We mentioning beheaded canefield workers??? Let's talk about the graves in the Buxton/Friendship backdams that hold the bodies of many young Buxtonian men... Those who were executed instead of being placed before the courts...