Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jagdeo's Robert Persaud hair cut

We just had to post this photo which was circulated yesterday. Below is the President sporting a clean shaven look - the smooth look one gets right after leaving the barber's chair.

However, we could not help but notice that the President looked somewhat like Robert Persaud, especially with the sideburns. This has nothing to do with Persaud's marriage to the head-of-state's neice.

We understand this is a major campaign ploy by the PPP/C to confuse voters by 2011, when Robert is expected to be the party's presidential candidate.

Once Jagdeo continues looking like Robert Persaud, voters will be tricked into thinking that Jagdeo is the front runner when instead it will be Robert. Once again the PPP/C is one step ahead. Observers say the only challenge to teh plan is that Jagdeo does not have a full head of hair like Robert. However, a PPP/C insider said that's not a problem as the leader has been washing his hair with Ochro slime and by next year, should see visible signs.

Jagdeo's Robert Persaud hair style impression

The real Robert Persaud hair do

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