Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Corbin slides into leadership race

Ending months of speculation, incumbent Robert Corbin yesterday officially announced his decision to contest to retain the post of leader of the main opposition PNCR, saying his primary motivation is the need to have stable leadership to make the party “fit for purpose.”

Flanked by supporters including PNCR vice-chairs Basil Williams and Volda Lawrence, Corbin told a news briefing that he accepted the nomination of the 160-odd groups which nominated him and emphasised that he would be part of a team concerned about the future of the party, and Guyana.

“I am part of a team that recognises that the enemy is not within but is the present administration that has been involved in several violations of our constitution and has indeed put Guyana in a parlous state at this moment,” he explained.

He said too that in order for the party to confront the current administration, it needed to build unity and strength. He acknowledged that there was a mammoth task ahead of the party in terms of conflict resolution, building harmony and ensuring that it was all inclusive to confront challenges that lie ahead. [link]

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