Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tajeram Mohabir in bed with Robert Persaud

After reading this KN article, one is left to wonder just how further up Robert Persaud's rear end is Tajeram Mohabir willing to go. We know the fella is trying to keep his job in this tough economic times, but his article is clearly bais and is structured to paint Persaud a saint. Come on Taje, you did not have to be so blatant. This is how the article starts off...

"A TEAM of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday paid a visit to Region Three (West Demerara/Essequibo Island) to assess the progress being made with work on several key drainage and irrigation (D&I) structures there.Heading the delegation was Agriculture Minister, Mr Robert Persaud, and the purpose of the exercise was to make good on a promise to deliver quality service to farmers by adapting an inclusive approach."

However, way down the article, Mohabir tries to show some balance, but fails miserably.

"He had one gripe however, which was the deplorable state of the dams whenever it rains, which makes it difficult for the farmers to access their farms during the rainy season."

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