Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleeping bloggers

If your blogs appear below, you are a lazy blogger and sould delete your postings immediately.

Guyana: Freedom Under The Law - last upaded June 23, 2009. We will cut this author some slack because they were witness to an accident. Well not really witness, but they sure act the part.

Media Imran - last updated June 19, 2009 but posted some Tweets.

Chris Ram - last update July 26, 2009. However, the length of the posts should keep one occupied for the rest of the year.

Go Moseley - last updated April 28, 2009 for the Guyana Press Association Elections. The Elections and the author have not gone anywhere since. Perhaps ideas to move the GPA foward have dried up.

Guyana Girl - last updated July 31, 2009. Normally blogs every 2-3 days so we are a bit worried.

Young Entrepenure - last updated July 11,2009 and lastly blogged about trying to learn somthing. He might be out somewhere still trying to learn about updating his site.


  1. Funny how you so cencerned about these bloggers.. look at your blogroll son.

  2. so true SC. yo guyana 360, allyuh is the laziest fucking bloggers it get bout dey place. bannas, look yeh