Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Enjoying cricket on Demerara Waves

Here we are being swept up in a whirlwind of random boredom this evening and happened to recall the historic broadcast of Demerarawaves – run by Dennis the Menace and his sidekick, Lloyd King. The topic focused on alleagtions that are flowing from a NY court case which implicated Minister of Health, Leslie Ramsammy. Very interesting topic to launch on. Very bold.

Once tuned, it was impossible to vacillate on the ultimate ennui that the programme disgorged. Even the music played during the More than the show, we have been hypnotized by the cricket in the background that is competing for airtime with Dennis…The chirping is driving us insane to the point of slamming the laptop…Chirp, Chirp, Chirp.

We understand that to avoid any Government interruption during the programme, Mr. Chabrol took his operations underground. It appears to us he was reporting from some lonesome, bushy area hence the cricket in the background…There goes that cricket again…chirp, chirp, chirp. It’s disgusting because we wanted to hear from Gordon Moseley, especially since he has a running rift with President Bharrat Jagdeo. Mr. Moseley is again jumping on Mr. Jagdeo and the Government.

We have tuned out for now, but more on the embodiment of internet radio craziness after we awake.

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  1. Please! I enjoyed the programme and I am sure that the presenters will make improvements. We need them as much as we don't need you 360