Saturday, August 01, 2009

Enrico's suspect reporting

Half a loaf is better than none and we welcome the effort made by journalistic icon, Enrico Woolford to bring the Roger Khan revevaltions to the Guyanese audience. Without Mr. Woolford's daily reporting, no one in Guyana would have a clue. However, his confusion of the facts must be called into question. And we do so without any political motives.

We refused to speak on it before now because we belived that Woolford could have corrected the confusion in a subsequent story, but he only added more fuel to the fire. Contrary to what was reported this week by Woolford in the Kaieteur News, the infamous spy equipment is with Guyana law enforcement officials. This has been confirmed by the Commissioner of Police. However, the editor/publisher of the Kaieteur News should have realised by now that there are two different sets of spy equipment. One of our sources spoke with the US prosecutor who confirmed that they understand that there is another spy computer in possession of Guyanese law enforcement and that attepts will be made to gather it as evidence in time for Khan's trial. Thats how easy it was to confirm. Perhaps the security officials should invite the media to see the equipment in their possession.

The other bone of contention is who purchased the spy equipment currently in the hands of local police/army officials. Woolford and the Kaieteur News carried a huge headline that it was Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy. This has been denied by the Government and the Minister. Sitting in the Court, our source has been able to confirm that at no time did the NY Court hear that Ramsammy or the Government purchased the equipment.

It was said over and over again that Ramsammy facilitated the purchase. This could easily mean that he gave the OK for Khan or someone else to make the purchase. The screaming headline by the Kaieteur News is ground enough for Ramsammy to sue Woolford, Glenn Lall - the publisher of the Kaieteur News and Adam Harris - the editor of the Kaieteur News.

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  1. You are such a partisan jackass, it is incredible. Take your head out of the proverbial sand skunthole, and go sit in Federal Court and hear and see for youself. There is only one set of equipment involved. Phew !!!!