Thursday, August 20, 2009

Van West Charles officially pulls out of PNCR leadership race

Today marks an historic time in the history of not only the PNC but inGuyanese political history. Today, Dr Richard Van West Charles andWinston Murray will begin the process of changing the political culturein the party founded by Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham.

Dr Van West Charles, in a display of political maturity rarely seen inGuyanese politics will withdraw from the PNC leadership race andsupport former Party Chairman Winston Murray whom he believes is anexemplary candidate who has served the PNC and Guyana for the pastthirty years.

This move comes after many discussions over recent yearsbetween both leaders whose common fear is that under the presentleadership the PNC will soon fade into oblivion thus denying thousandsof Guyanese the representation against a repressive, racist, corruptand inept PPP.

An official press briefing will be held at noon today then both leaderswill depart for Berbice in a last minute campaign tour.


  1. About the PNC becoming oblivious I am not sure, but Integrity and Nationalism this is more likely. Muray amd Van made the right move.Robert nok need to step up and prove his integrity.
    Guyanese need representation the core of National Leaders nead to ues fore site not hind site.

  2. About the PNC; Oblivion hu!!! All Guyanese will remember whwn there was Equality and Nationalism,and this sure is enough to remind us of the PNC. The (r) sorry {R eform} what joke!!!
    an observation; The illusion of polarisation has be used by polaticion to cover their weekness. this must stop if Guyana it to truely develop, and that must be the reformation of the PNC.Murey and Van you will be able to do this with all others including Robert and Aubrey. Robert show some state's man ship and do the right thing.

  3. Van West eyes are finally open, he must have relized what a scrable game the PNC is!!!