Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chronicle paints Robert Persaud a liar

There has been a big flare up over Friday's meda inspection of projects being undertaken by the Agriculture Ministry. Persaud claims here that he was not moved to take the media by compelling reports and questions from Kaieteur News. He dispells the claim.

However, the Guyana Chronicle has proven that the Minister is lying about the reasons behind the media tour.

Chronicle claims " The inspection exercise was also in response to a number of queries raised by the local daily, the Kaieteur News, at press briefings and in articles, for specific information on these projects, and the representatives of that entity not only had the opportunity of having all its uncertainties clarified but were also provided with a map of the locations at reference."

The Minister certainly needs to explain how a paper friendly to him opposes what he stated. Robert "Backpeddling" Persaud has some explaining to do.

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