Friday, August 15, 2008

Fighting a dictatorship not easy

Editor-In-Chief of Stabroek News, Mr David De Caires, has been admitted at a city hospital after he collapsed yesterday morning at his 239 Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg home.

David De CairesAccording to reports reaching this newspaper, Mr De Caires was rushed to the hospital, with a suspected heart attack, and remained a patient up to late yesterday afternoon. Reports are that efforts were being made by his relatives to have him secure overseas treatment.Daily Editor of the newspaper, Mr Anand Persaud, confirmed that Mr De Caires has been hospitalised but declined to elaborate further.De Caires, who is in his 70s, had undergone a triple bypass surgery some years ago.

Guyana360: Our hearts go out to Mr. De Caries, his family and the Stabroek News circle. It's never easy fighting a dictator in Bharrat Jagdeo. Maybe this might seem an inhumane example at this point in time. But, Joseph O'Lall attempted to fight corruption in the fuel industry and ended up getting sacked by Bharrat Jagdeo. O'Lall attempted the unbeliveable by speaking out against the regime and instances when Bhatrrat Jagdeo as President fiddled with corrupt decisions. As the story goes, he mysteriously fell ill and later died in hospital.

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