Saturday, August 30, 2008

Freddie's classics

Some say Freddie is a lunatic, others say he just plain foolish. Freddie is just a simple amusing parasitic character feeding off the ills of this nation presided over by the Bharrat Jagdeo regime. However, his daughter is often used in his articles as a scapegoat to solidify a point. Below are some snippets.

Freddie on near accident after traffic lights failed (common thing in Guyana):

"I never saw such fear in my daughter’s face before and she lived through the post-election violence of 1997 and 2001 when we were caught in the vortex in down town Georgetown."

Freddie on the PPP/C-led Government:

I know, however, politics is a serpentine game marked by eerie manoeuvres of deadly betrayal.

Robert Mugabe received all our love and generosity when he was a freedom fighter. Today Mugabe is a nasty dictator. Benazir Bhutto turned out to be a horribly corrupt leader who truly deserved to have been given a life sentence in jail for plundering the resources of her poor country. One of the most tragic descents into nasty, autocratic, destructive politics anywhere in the world is our own PPP in Guyana.

Freddie on slothful development:

In this country, we have not taken off as yet because we bask in mediocrity. But there is a more dangerous side to the growth of a second-class mentality here. It is the denial of reality. When you write or speak about the primitive social and physical infrastructure of Guyana, you are labeled a perennial critic by the Government, its lackeys and the employees of the state that the Government coerces to reply to its critics. Let us leave out the last category; those people will be dismissed if they do not do as they are told, as with Neil Marks and perhaps Avery Gomes at the Guyana Times. What the Government and its sycophants refuse to see is that ignoring reality is scientifically impossible, because at some stage your kingdom will come crashing down if you do not want to accept it is made of sand.

Freddie on Journalism:

For any journalist to say that she/she (convenient mistake> he was talking about Neil Marks) was surprised because they didn’t know the little Third World dictators would have knocked them down for the most harmless of mistakes, then they know absolutely nothing about Guyana, the role of the PPP in the destruction of this country and the nasty role the PPP has played in the exercise of power since 1957. Is it that they didn’t know or they are just plain stupid?

Freddie on the state of city roads:

A driver traveling north on Lombard Street who turns east into Hadfield Street has to manoeuvre away from a huge crater on the Hadfield Street as it meets Lombard. This hole has been there for eight years. When I was teaching my daughter to drive, she was literally scared of that sight. All drivers making that turn should be. (Freddie's daughter must be scared of even living with him. The girl always scared).

Freddie on Guyanese in the Caribbean:

Burnhamite Guyana made Caribbean people scornful of Guyanese. When Burnham died, the problem persisted because, under Mr. Burnham’s successor, Desmond Hoyte, the 1985 general elections were terribly contorted. Caricom felt that it was time to do something about its pariah member. A group of Caricom states summoned President Hoyte to St. Vincent. According to the autobiography of the former St. Vincent Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell, Hoyte agreed to internationally supervised elections. The rest is now history.

Freddie on saying "sorry":

I did a column comparing the French President, Sarkozy, and our Head of State when they both made major addresses to their individual countries at the same time.The first word that came out of the mouth of Mr. Sarkozy was an apology for mistakes he made during his first year in office.Here in Guyana, our leaders find it an act of self-immolation to say sorry. The word “sorry” is a terrifying print for our rulers.What our ruling politicians do not understand is that respect will be awarded by the nation when these leaders act as democrats and show respect for their subjects.

Stay tuned for more Freddie Classics

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