Sunday, August 24, 2008

GRA - a tentacle of the Jagdeo dictatorship

We did indicate here that the GRA is a tentacle of the Jagdeo dictatorship. Glenn Lall has been under tremendous presser from the administration for his outspoken approach on the illegal QAII deal. In fact, inside sources tell this blog that Guyana Times is Jagdeo's way of showing Lall that his publication is no longer needed, since Lall refused to be an ass licker. Not too many businessmen can beat their chest about it.

Adam Harris writes:

Glenn Lall made money supplying these things and left me wondering why I could not have thought of these things and made money.

But it was the newspaper that caught fire. I had been out of a job, having resigned from the Chronicle when the PPP Government came into office. Of course the resignation was instigated; I was seen as the monster who dared to write in support of the PNC Government and was therefore not fit to be employed by anyone else. I left because as I said then, once I have breath in my body and two hands I could not suffer in Guyana.

I have not because I happened to meet Lall as he was trying to put his newspaper together. Whatever I have done to make the paper successful has not gone unnoticed and it is this that has caused me to cast an eye in Glenn Lall’s direction.

Recently I saw him agitated because in his book a lot of things had gone wrong both at the societal level and at the level of business.

Another competitor emerged; the advent of that competitor was no big deal because the Kaieteur News has reached levels that no other paper in this era would reach; it is unchallenged.

But I learnt that the source of his annoyance was the privileged conditions that the authorities granted this competitor. He opened his mouth and attracted the ire of many.

Recently he found that the Guyana Revenue Authority began to demonstrate an interest in him and I was surprised. I concluded that Glenn was too critical for his own good but again, there is a saying “Do nothing; Fear nothing”.

But it is this threat of the use of state power that has left me somewhat bemused. Talk too much and feel the weight of the state, seems to be the message.

This could chase people away from Guyana and I am telling Glenn that he has nowhere to go—well not that he has nowhere to go, but that he should not even contemplate a disappearance from the land of his birth.

I have heard of similar cases and I have seen people buckle. Dr Yesu Persaud was one of them and he persevered.

But I am surprised that the GRA would actually get involved in what could only be seen as persecution. Who knows, after the publication of this article I might find myself being a target.

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  1. Hmmm.. GRA investigation.... this guy is pretty good at not making the left hand know what the right hand is doing...u get the drift?