Sunday, August 24, 2008

PNCR returns Carifesta compliment

Without Freddie, history would be lost...

Freddie Kissoon column: The PNC has officially adopted a policy of boycott of Carifesta. It reminds us of the 1980 Olympics. The Americans stayed away because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The next Olympics ended up in Los Angeles and the Soviets returned the compliment. Mr. Corbin, the current leader of the PNC was a major player in the youth arm of the PNC in 1972 when Carifesta was invented by the PNC Government.

No doubt when he heard that the PPP Government was putting on the show in the country where it first started, a cynical smile enveloped his visage. He knew his time for revenge had come.

The PPP boycotted Carifesta 1972 over an issue that even if it wasn’t there, would not have made a difference. President Burnham, in his announcement of Carifesta, stated that he would build a National Cultural Centre to coincide with Carifesta. The finance would come from the Indian Immigration Fund.

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