Monday, August 04, 2008

Update on PPP/C Congress votes

It is now 12:15 a.m. and more concrete information has come to hand about the voting at the PPP Congress. Note that Frank Anthony is the only married person in the top three, while there is a divorcee heading the list. Also interesting, is the fact that Moses Nagamootoo (5th) got more votes than the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon (6th)and Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud (9th). Persaud will have to up his game if he is going to compete for the presidential candidate spot and might do so by increasing his already over-burdened presence in the media. For those who are now following Guyana politics, Nagamootoo was at rift with the party and was once referred to by the President as a "wishywashie" (Guyanese term for no good). This by the way has no bearing on the party's election of a Presidential Candidate, but is a good indiaction of how the party's membership might sway.

1. Bharrat Jagdeo - 777 (Pretty woman walked out on him, yet to attract another)

2. Janet Jagan - 671 (Widow, living longer than those spiritual people predicted)

3. Dr Frank Anthony – 658 (married with an intellegent family)

4. Donald Ramotar – 637 (touted for the Presidential spot)

5. Moses Nagamootoo – 595 (Making a comeback in the party)

6. Dr Roger Luncheon – 588 (Has outlived his usefullness of dazzling the media)

7. Navin Chandarpal – 582 (Always around the party's top brass)

8. Gail Texieira - 558 (Not bad for a woman who might someday run for office)

9. Robert Persaud – 542 (Laugh...Laugh...laugh...let's stop we would laugh all night)

10. Indra Chandarpal – 524 (Party stalwart still going strong)

11. Clement Rohee – 507 (Dunce, that would give away Guyana to the Dominican Republic)

12. Clinton Collymore – 472 (Lapy Dog still drinking soup)

13. Komal Chand – 449 (unbeliveably still a trade unionist)

14. Ganga Persaud – 445 (Still around after being accused of molesting young female staffers)

15. Hydar Ally – 443 (Keeping the Jagan's legacy alive in the media)

16. Mustapha Zulfikar – 437 (major grassroot organisor)

17. Anil Nandlall – 436 (Hopefully the next Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General)

18. Ali Baksh – 430 (Major grassroot worker)

19. Dr Bheri Ramsaran – 393 (accused sex offender)

20. Irfaan Ali – 380 (Bright guy with a good future in economics)

21. Faizal Jafarally – 375 (Grassroot organisor)

22. Ralph Ramkarran – 374 (Presidential hopeful, but poor performance)

23. Harripersaud Nokta – 370 (Party stalwart credited for lively work in the interior of Guyana)

24. Ulric Ramanah – 363 (Looking for party mobility)

25. Neil Kumar – 362 (Always drunk, yet telling athletes to stay fit)

26. Dr Jennifer Westford – 360 (With those votes, she will go full circle, the President not looking woman)

27. Cyril Belgrave – 332 (Lappy dog still drinking soup)

28. Dharamkumar Seeraj – 332 (Bright ideas and better suited for Agriculture Minister)

29. Kellawan Lall – 324 (Always in a bar fight. he is known as the toughest minister)

30. Pauline Sukhai – 309 (Has been moving up the ranks)

31. Reepu Daman Persaud – 300 (needs to retire before he colapses and dies before Janet)

32. Moti Lall – 286 (Grassroot organisor)

33. Harinarine Baldeo – 270 (Hard worker)

34. Mitra Devi Ali – 251 (Seeking upward mobility in the party)

35. Shirley Edwards – 246 (Oh my! Still hanging around and being rewarded for helping to cover-up the existence of death squads in Guyana).

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