Sunday, August 31, 2008

Digging deeper...What happen to Jagdeo's promised son/daughter?

The following post was first published on Sunday, April 9, 2006. Bharrat Jagdeo for the first time in office had mentioned the fact that he was going to sow his royal oats. Lo and behold, within months of that public statement, he divorced his pretty wife Varshnie. Like every political promise, this one seems to be quickly slipping away. Not faster than his hairline. Actually its a close race, his hairline is a couple of strands ahead, maybe a "forrid" in front.

However, a few of our rum buddies feel we should not be too concerned about the time factor for the fruit of his loins to blossom and we cautiously agree. He did say sometime after the 2006 elections, and that could be in 2009, 2010, 2020, 2040 or even, 2050. Any bets...Will he leave office a proud father?

Blast from the Past:

President Bharrat Jagdeo seems to be in his prime. He walks like a man filled with confidence. He was very confident and cocky when he delivered on his promise to the residents of Dem Anstel by renovating the community center ground and delivering several other nick knacks.

From what we heard it was not until the end of the President’s address that he revealed something big, something huge and something bigger than the Gajraj fiasco.

From what we were told by a reliable source, the President has indicated that he wants to have children but he was waiting until the end of election to do so.

“Never mind what you hear, I want my children to live here.”

At this time the president realizes he has no children.

“I don’t have any children as yet, I am thinking about sometime after elections, maybe that’s an indication, sometime after elections.”

Guyana 360: we are asking probing questions of the President’s latest statements. Who will get to carry the first son or daughter? Let us register our heart felt congratulations to the two, let’s see what develops. We don’t see Presi with Varshnie. We have to find out, so look out for that. Will he walk the talk?


  1. yes man he got to be weak man or we might see a dougla baby with de dougla gal he went with in antigua

  2. President Jagdeo is not ready to have any kids for now .we need to let that man enjoy life.

  3. Jagdeo is an antiman and he gats HIV, notice how he pining away and going bald. Frequent trips abroad is to pick up prescription meds for the HIV.

  4. Jagdeo should give Karan Singh de wata and mek him de mother of his child

  5. It’s good that president Jagdeo is thinking about having children, and what good time, after election. I wish him all the best.

  6. De President back weak. None of the model girls he does be seeing over at State House and those that Manniram used to pimp out from over the river aint breathe? He must be really weak.

  7. He must have AIDS...