Sunday, August 03, 2008

Frank for President

It's now midnight and the cellphone just rang. The caller is a PPP/C insider bearing frightening news about the party's congress. Well it was our expectations that supporters would have pushed for this clean-cut, soft-spoken, understanding Minister of Sports and Culture to be a leading man at the top of the party ranks. He has come through the party system and has catapulted the youth arm of the party into a blossoming, yet potent force that will ensure the party remains at the helm of government way beyond 28 years.

As things stand now, Frank Anthony is likely to get the PPP/C's nod for the presidential post, following elections which saw front-runners, Robert Persaud and Ralph Ramkarran perform poorly at the party's congress this weekend. Anthony is no Barack Obama, but he certainly brings a breath of fresh air to politics. If he wins, he will become the first married PPP/C Presidential Candidate to hold the executive office in over three years. Interesting fact.

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