Saturday, August 02, 2008

KN knows

This KN front page seems to suggest that the political race for the next Head-of-State does not include candidates from the other parties. Was it an oversight by the editor-in-chief, Adam Harris (not the cherry-picked Guyana born, US-bred athlete), or was it just an admission that the PPP/C will run unopposed in 2011. The headline is inappropriate. The right question should have been: "Who will be the next Presidential Candidate".

Guess the KN baccoo hard at work already.


  1. Once is Adam Hairess you can expect skunt liek that.

  2. i agree with kn. no other party can win the election except the Piss Piss Party.(yeah, enen though they have fucked up our country and are so incompetent, none more incompetent than BUGdeo). we are in a very sad and terrible stage.