Monday, August 04, 2008

More of Jagdeo's legacy

The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimmination (SASOD) has grown and more than likely before he leaves office, Guyana is likely to enact legislation encouarging same sex unions. You think this is preposterous? Think again. How else will Bharrat Jagdeo live in his pradoville mansion with his companion?


  1. he and mannyrum gon prappa bugga. ( nuff mo ah dem to, right mc skunt?)

  2. well, we all kno dat it tek one bugga man fa indentify anada one

    so if yall seh jagdeo does cause all yall buggerin too

  3. to anon#2, that saying is so fucking outdated. if you want to defend your buggering buddies, find another way fag. and the only person that i bugger is your mother. yeah, ask she, she gon tell yu.