Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mc Skunt at his/her best

Former Central Committee Member of the PPP, Harry Narine Nawbatt says he did not seek re-election to the Central Committee (CC) of the party at the just concluded 29th Congress of the party.
Nawbatt, who is Minister of Housing and Water, was nominated by a party group.
He however did not contest the election and as such he “did not lose his seat” on the Central Committee he said in response to a report in yesterday’s Stabroek News.

In addition, there is no new member on the Central Committee by the name of Jaffar Ali.

The information that ‘Jaffar Ali’ was among the names of persons elected to the CC was obtained from a press release sent to this newspaper by party media relations official Kwame McKoy. Instead Faizal M Jaffarally was re-elected.

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