Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mc Skunt stink up de place

GC Article:
Noxious smell sickens persons in Camp Street area-
Some vomit, others pass out

By Clifford Stanley
Fire Service officials were last night investigating the possible source of a strong noxious smell which caused passers-by and business people in the vicinity of Camp and Charlotte Streets to become sick just around 16.00 hrs yesterday. Sources disclosed that the smell, which they described as “almost like cooking gas” lasted for about forty five minutes...(the rest is history).

Guyana 360: Come on Mr. Stanley. Any good journalist could have sniffed out the story behind this noxious smell. Actually, the smell emanated at the Office of the President and rumbled through the entire Robb Street before taking effect at Camp Street. Sources are telling us that McSkunt was testing one of his creations, dubbed the "Opposition poopsie" designed to knock out the enemy. Talk about a dirty bomb! Mc Skunt has been tasked with preventing another riot similiar to the one carried out by Mark Benschop (who might soon open a church) a few years ago when protestors stormed the Presidential Complex.


  1. is true guyana 360. is all dem cock that does be going in that stinking batty that cause duh. laad, batty girls fu dead!

  2. You guys are just sick respect for McKoy. TRhe government will soon find a way to tackle all of you faceless bloggers. You want to write be bold and stop hiding behind fake names.

  3. Mr/Mrs Charles maybe one of those ghost writers at Guyana's idiotic News Agency (GINA). Dem rass always hiding and bigging up the government. if teh government doing good, don't be afraid to put your right name to teh letters. I hope that guy, Chris Chappyone is reading this.