Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The entire Guyana has suffered 'High-tech' abuse

Former first lady, Varshnie Singh has not only spoken for women across Guyana, but for every Guyanese. Many Guyanese have suffered 'high-tech' abuse at the hands of Bharrat Jagdeo, with whom Singh she shared a union with. Just as charity begins at home, it is safe to say that 'high-tech' abuse may have been cultivated on Main Street.

Taking the abusive nature into context, one can safely say that a number of national trends point to a history of 'high-tech' abuses. Here is a list of a few clear cut cases

1. Gordon Moesely's ban from OP

2. CN Sharma's botting off the air

3. SN ad withdrawal

4. Hiring of Bernard Kerik

5. Firing of Minister Henry Jeffery

6. Weekly cussouts of the media

7. Attacks on Freddie

8. Adam Harris' non-payment of pension

9. Threats to set up the Integrity Commission

10. Ensuring VAT remains in place

11. Ensuring high toll at the Berbice Bridge

12. The 2005 floods

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