Friday, January 16, 2009

Pissram airs his trap

VISHNU PISSRAM writes: I AM a usual attendee at the annual Indian Diaspora conference held in India to discuss issues relevant to people of Indian descent (living overseas) and their relationship to Mother India and to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to humanity. However, I miss the Chennai (formerly Madras) conference this year because of a commitment to conduct opinion polls in Tobago relating to Monday’s elections. But I did monitor the Indian conference’s proceedings where several Guyanese were attendees and presenters of academic papers. UG’s Pro-Chancellor, Dr Prem Misir, impressed at the conference.

>>> Pissram wants the world to know that he missed the Diaspora conference in India. Did you hear that. Pissram missed the Diaspora Conference. The earth must have stood still on that day. But how come he miss the bleeding conference, yet he writes as if he was seated next to Premiscuous. The things Pissram does for publicity is not easy.

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