Saturday, January 17, 2009

Will Murray be recalled?

According to Demerara Waves, after weeks of speculation, the Chairman of Guyana's main opposition Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR), Winston Murray, has resigned with effect January 15 but he would remain a member of parliament.

>>>Mr. Murray was the last remaining credible face and voice in the PNCR. For all intent and purposes, he was the East Indian person of a black- majority party without the rubberstamp of approval from the party. It seems that all is crumbling around Corbin, who continues to insist that the party will rise from the ashes. We really don't know why he wants the party to be reduced to ashes then rebuild again. That could take years. Lots of fire burning within and it would be in his best interest to resign the leadership and stop the blaze. Isn't it simple.

Corbin has proven himself a very bitter man over the years. Apart from him pushing for the recall of James McAllister from Parliament, very early in his political career he made a self-serving blunder. We dare any good party hack or journalist to ask him about his rise in the GSM, the youth arm of the party. Ask about the number of persons he sidelined with the use of motions and other political trickery to chase from the party.To have so many persons leaving the party within the last decade comes as no surpise to us. We await to see Murray being recalled from the Parliament - the very last mistake Corbin will make as leader.

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