Thursday, January 08, 2009

The RED PEOPLE not too Angelic

LIME (formerly bMobile) 7 January 2009, Kingston, Jamaica:

In defiance of an order from the Jamaica Regulator, OUR (Office of Utilities Regulation), Digicel has once again today blocked calls from LIME customers in all Caribbean territories to all its Digicel customers in Jamaica.

CEO for the region, Richard Dodd, noted "This is a blatant anti-competitive move by Digicel which has turned down several circuits which take traffic from the rest of the region and from the USA and other locations.

"It is once again a demonstration of the arrogance of the company and its contempt for the interconnection agreements signed with LIME, and negatively impacts customers and communication across the region. Digicel's continued anticompetitive behaviour should be a matter of concern for all regional Governments."

LIME is filing an injunction against Digicel for the action it is taking in Jamaica and wishes to notify its customers trying to make calls to Jamaica's Digicel customers that it will do whatever it takes to restore normal service to all regional customers and to maintain a fair and equitable competitive market for its

However, if this position persists then LIME will need to take whatever action is required to return normalcy to the telecommunications market in the region.

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