Friday, January 16, 2009

Jagdeo Travels are disrespect to this nation

It is simple courtesy for the Head of State to inform the nation, in a timely fashion, when he is proceeding abroad on the nation’s business. Unfortunately, it has become the habit of President Jagdeo to leave these shores and the Guyanese people are only informed that he has departed when he has arrived at his destination.

A case in point is the recent announcement that he has gone on a visit to Libya , Qatar and Greece . Not only was the announcement late, but the Government’s mouthpiece, GINA, could not tell the nation what it is that President Jagdeo expects from his visits to these countries. Is it that the country has become financially strapped and he is seeking loans from these nations? The Guyanese people are left to guess as to the reasons for the visits.

It is President Jagdeo’s right to choose whatever delegation he consider necessary for an overseas visit. But, surely, it must have occurred to him to take a communications operative or a senior protocol official on a visit to Libya , Qatar and Greece , countries where protocol considerations are of prime importance.


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