Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What was lacking????

Although my personal life was dysfunctional and non-existent, my official or professional life was very productive and compensated to an extent for what was lacking in other areas.

>>>Come on Varsh, what was laccking and in what areas? tell us please....please tell us. We beg dearly.


  1. it seems as though it had something to do with the Big Kid's First Fun. After only one week? Was it a case of the shoe too big for the foot or the foot too small fo de shoe...taak gal taak

  2. think of it...the canal wasn't dugout for how many yrs so there is overspilling. what about the worked for one week after the big publicity and $$$ spent? So what u think is lacking: a good excavation with lots of overtime and around de clock work....he ehe

  3. both Bharat and Robert Persaud are bugger men, both of them does tek bugga on the side.