Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jagdeo your slip is showing...

"What example would I have been setting being separated from my wife yet allowing her use of resources of the State to which she was not entitled?"

>>>Let us say that Bharrat Jagdeo sincerely meant that he needed to uphold the law by not allowing his wife access to state resources. Let us also give Bharrat Jagdeo the benefit of any doubt that he really wanted to uphold the law. However, how could he say that then allow Varshie to live at State House after they had divorced. Doesn't that classify as access to state resources? She lived there rent free and possibly paid no allowances for food and other amenities. Come on BJ, you are confusing us. Please clarify.


  1. i'm appalled, the liitle respect i had for the dude went out the window.

  2. who is the Presi tenant...this needs some revelation.