Friday, January 02, 2009

Jagdeo becomes a global mock stick

The Spoof:

Moderators of the popular social networking site, Farcebook, have launched an investigation into Chameleons, the users of the site who set up an account under the guise of a famous person.

After Bharrat Jagdeo, leader of the republic of Guyana tried to register only to discover that he'd been an active member of the site since mid 2007, he complained to the internet site saying he'd not got a computer until Christmas 2008 and wanted to know who was impersonating him.

"Mr Jagdeo is quite upset," said the only English speaker in Guyana.

"He wanted to use the social networking site to reach more people, but somebody is impersonating him and coming up with better policies. He's had to set up a MySpace page instead, and that's not as popular."

Farcebook spokesperson, Billy Nomates, said in a press conference: "Chameleons have run rife throughout Farcebook and we are investigating. We've had several complaints from high profile celebrities saying that they are being impersonated.

Russell Brand and Andrew Sachs are both impersonated and currently having a flame war. Her Majesty, the Queen has her own page, as does Elvis, though neither of these have complained. Prince Charles has complained, but only because his impersonator is not being rude enough to the impersonator of his mum.

"We don't want to be too draconian though, because some celebrities might be real. I'm sure Angelina Jolie and her fifty-five thousand friends, are real.

Though we're not too sure about Jenifer Aniston being one of her friends.

We think that might be a Chameleon."Famous people with real Farcebook pages are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Though John McCain's page is clearly fake as it is well known that McCain is far too old to understand technology. Many chart artists have pages and use it as a promotional tool, though Rick Astley's page must be fake as it is far too popular.

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  1. Dammit Guyana360. This is funny, witty and clever as hell man.