Saturday, January 24, 2009

How come

How come so many letters appear in the Stabroek News on the 'High-Tech' abuse meted out to Varshnie Singh and none in the Guyana Chronicle and the Kaieteur News?

How Come when the story broke both Guyana Chronicle and Kaieteur news carried identical stories?....a small introduction on the claims by the former First Lady followed by Bharrat Jagdeo's statement in full. Her statement was complied in 10 pages. His in half of a page, yet he got full coverage.

This is why we love Guyana. Fair, balance coverage of the news as it unfolds. No bull, no bias.


  1. so you hear the marriage was a farce but it was consumated...apparently Varshanie strapped on a dildo and buggered Jagdeo up the ass. But when she didn't want to do it again, Jaggdeo lock she out deh bedroom

  2. Ohhhhh. That is what happening.