Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missed, divorce and petty politics

Someone left us a comment stating that we were missing the big story unfolding. We beg to differ. Jagdeo could have been shot and we would not have cared. The big story yesterday was Obama's inauguration. And so we were, enjoying all the free beer that flowed during the ceremony and lo and behold a PPPite said that Varsh get lock out from State House and was trying to see Jagdeo, who refused to give her a hearing. We were surprised because the last time we checked the two were divorced. Both parties must take responsibility for this mess. She should not have stayed and he should not have allowed her to stay.

Varshnie has reduced herself to garbage and is now attempting to drag Bharrat Jagdeo down with her. We very much welcome this move Varsh, but at the same time, remember you had agreed to part amicably in that joint statement issued about two years ago.

Firstly, you should not have been residing at the State House after the separation. Were you hoping to patch up things? Or were you hoping that finally he would have come around and made love with you?

This is what you stated...

"Nothing I could do was ever right. Any attempts to find out what was wrong, why he stopped talking to me ... were met with long silences which lasted days on end and I got no answers."

>>>Quite frankly, Varshie is holding back information and has left the door open for speculation by commentators. Perhaps she should have also explained what was the sexual relationship like.

Even Bharrat Jagdeo himself had no time with the ramblings as he enjoyed a local inauguration party. Now that Obama has taken his place as the 44th President. Today is when we begin to look into Guyana's petty politics again.

St. Vincent PM, Ralph Gonsalves said this week that Politics is serious business and not a branch of the entertainment industry.

Perhaps Bharrat Jagdeo and other political big wigs should carefully try to understand what that means.

Jagdeo is not the only politician facing relationship issues...Look out for Corbin exposure coming soon...


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