Friday, January 16, 2009

King Benschop

In his submissions, Edmond said that on the day in question his client pulled up at the bridge with an intention of crossing when he was informed by the toll clerk that he would have to pay $7,200.

He said Benschop left to join the ferry instead but learnt that the vehicle would not be allowed on the boat and he subsequently returned to the bridge only to be told that he would have to pay $13,600.

Edmond further submitted that his client did not have the money to pay and after a while the officials at the bridge allowed him to park his vehicle in a corner and stopped a car for him to join to go across the bridge.

>>>> There are two things about the above section of an article published by Stabroek News that we found interesting. The first is the ridiculous toll $13,600. That's a lot of money for a man who just left jail less than two years ago. Then again, a man who just left jail wouldn't be driving a fancy pick up truck and probably would not be living in a king's mansion (Guyana's equivalent).

The second thing about this entire episode is that the people manning the bridge really treated Benschop like a king, a superstar. They really treated him like if he was the President. Bow down and worship. Come on Benschop! The people allowed you to park and they didn't allow you to hitch your own ride across the bride. Oh no! They stopped a car for you. But how could they just only stop a car for you? We now see why you get vex Mr. Benschop.

Realizing that you were the big king, they should have rolled out the red carpet, carry your jacket, open the car door, shut the door and finally stand on the bridge waving until the car you boarded fades in the distance.

Mr. Benschop you are so ungrateful.

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