Friday, September 26, 2008

Bush in last ditch effort to engage Caribbean

Statement by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Initiation of Security Cooperation Dialogue with Caribbean Leaders

In a September 25 meeting with leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Dominican Republic, I announced the United States’ support for and commitment to begin immediately a wide-ranging U.S.-Caribbean security cooperation dialogue.

Through this dialogue, the United States and our Caribbean partners will identify the means to counter the threats posed to our citizens and our democratic states by illicit trafficking in drugs, persons, and weapons. We will also develop long-term solutions to the vulnerabilities that make our nations targets of exploitation by organized crime and drug trafficking cartels. In the coming months, the United States will work closely with our Caribbean partners to articulate a framework for expanding cooperation and marshalling resources in common response to these shared challenges.


  1. The US only cares about the VENEZ thats all. they want to get the Caribbean to really go against Chavez.

  2. If Guyana plays its cards right, we can benefit from huge investment dollars just to deny Chavez certain things.

  3. Guyana is just a small weed in the forest of International relations. We have little to say if any at all. The fact remains that a few weeks ago, the Russians were testing bombers and Jagdeo had no clue what was occurring right next door. Its a bit sad.