Saturday, September 06, 2008

Freddie could only fetch Cheddi Jagan’s shoes.

FREDDIE KISSOON is now calling Guyana Chronicle letter writers ghost with fictitious ethnic names. This is what he said in his Kaieteur News Column.
“Look at the Chronicle letter columns in these times. Five pieces are penned each day by writers using false names. In almost all instances, the signatures are not Indian names but Christian ones. This is to create the impression that quite a large number of non-Indians support the PPP because look how many of them write missives in the Chronicle eulogising the Guyana Government. Out of those five one must be on Frederick Kissoon.”

“I feel the way Cheddi Jagan felt in the sixties. In “The West on Trial” Jagan bitterly complained about the Chronicle’s attacks on him. It is my turn to cry about the Chronicle. But look who owns it today.”

Poor Freddie I have yet again more bad news for you.

Please spare us your pains and not equate yourself to Cheddi Jagan.

Freddie Kissoon you are no Cheddi Jagan.

You are no way even close to Cheddi Jagan.

You are not even qualified to hold a glass of water for Cheddi Jagan.

The most you can do is fetch Cheddi Jagan’s shoes.

Freddie you are more like the fox and the sour grape.

You know the rest of the story.

Freddie, this is politics we are talking about.

What you are talking about is something else.

The PPP/C Government does not have to use fictitious people to promote their agenda.

The PPP/C was elected by the people for the people and you and your PNCR cannot stomach it.

This is not about Indian and African Guyanese. This is politics in case you didn't know.

I hope you watched the Republican Convention.

You tell me and tell the world how many times the Republicans use the name of their own Republican President George Bush at their Republican Convention.

Like one Republican Senator said and said it best ' if republicans were a brand name dog food it would be pulled from the shelf '.

Freddie, the same could be said for you and your PNCR party.

I still dare you to go tell the PNCR that every election held since 1992 were free fair and transparent.

Don't you insult our intelligence by telling us that only Indians support the PPP/C.

Freddie Kissoon you are East Indian and you support the PNCR and no one ever doubt you and no one cares.

Freddie, tell us how many East Indians are in leadership roles in your PNCR party.

I will tell you one African who is in a leadership role in the PPP/C.

Who takes over the Presidency when President Jagdeo is out of Guyana?

We now call you (Freddie Kissoon) a lackey for the PNCR the same way you called us ghost writers for Chronicle and lackeys for the PPP/C.


  1. Does that mean he can walk in Cheddie Jagan's shoes?

  2. T. King might be another ghost writer. Freddie is right, the PPP is playing on race quite evident in the types of ghost letters penned under Christian names.