Saturday, September 06, 2008

Poking fun at the PNCR is too easy..

The PNCR always flip-flopping on major issues too numerous to mention in this single post. They said no to Carifesta then came back to the public with an alerted position of opting to take part only in activities that were not organised by the state.

Prior, the party's leader who is poised to die in office like his predecessors, stood from a platform at the Square of the Revolution and told a handful of hungry-belly black people* that the PNCR was upping the anti and a return to street demonstrations meant that the party will never leave the streets. They went on street marches and now they are off the streets. Those rallies held by his royal Corbinus prior to the party congress, was more or less designed to bolster his position which was under threat from Vincent Alexander and company.

For months leading up to the 2006 elections, the party led a handful of demonstrators, mostly hungry-belly black people*, outside of GECOM shouting that the party would pull out of the polls if there was no verification of the voters' list. In one sudden swing, they were at the polls looking like a defeated bunch of idiots.

This time around, the party is singing a similar tune about participating in the local government polls. Who the hell cares if the palm tree shows up on the ballot on election morning? It will hardly affect the outcome and in any case, most of the councils will be run either by the PPP/C or the AFC.

*The PNCR has been in the habit of bussing loads of black people from Berbice and Linden to fill up space at rallies and protests and when its all done, they give them a plate of food and a glass of fruit drink and return them to their locations. Without these people, every PNCR event in its traditional base of Region Four will flop.

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