Saturday, September 06, 2008

Man shot while taking a dump...

Remember dem country days and dem country time when a tight piss hold ya and yuh far from yuh latrine and poosie. Without a second thought, yuh tek out yuh soatie and tek wan leak pon wan post or behind a bush if yuh had to stoop down (like Mc Coy). And when yuh want tek a shite, yuh run in deeper bush. Forget about the house proud and charmain double ply and apply for the nearest leaf or walk with last week copy of the Chronicle. That works too. Well dem days done and forgotten.

Yesterday some chain saw operator try to ease his load and was shot with a loaded shotgun. How pathetic? De man name Emanuel Williams and is only 23 years. Plus he living at Supenaam Creek, Essequibo Coast.

De man was shot in his right thigh at the Tapakuma Lake, Supenaam.

Dem say, Williams was together with two others in a boat fishing in the Tapakuma Lake and went to shore to answer a call of nature in the bushes. Ring, Ring...its shite calling direct.

An explosion was heard and subsequently he felt a burning sensation in his thigh.

Realising that the burning was not caused from cramps associated with stooping, he was taken to the Suddie Hospital and was admitted.

Police visited the scene and found the padding for a shotgun cartridge and a length of twine. How yuh like he would never dump in de bushes again.

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