Thursday, September 25, 2008

No culture, no sport, plenty crime

Who has $50 M to waste of this piece of crap. One day, Guyanese will wake up and realise that the sitting Government never did give a shit about the arts or about the cultural fabric of this nation. Hence, sports, music and drama have fallen off considerably over the last 15 years.

We know those GINA quacks and foolhardy ghost writers managed by Shoooban will rush to defend the Government's track record by highlighting the fact that money was given to host the first Guyana Fashion Week. And money was given to help rebuild the Theater Guild, and Guyana hosted Carifesta (Despite it been a flop).

All of these were shams designed to blind us. The biggest sham thus far, is that youth choice programme ran by the dolphin shipper, Odinga. That programme was the biggest sham because as Johann Earle exposed in the Stabroek News, a number of the projects were while elephants, a real wastage of taxpayers money.

We never like to play the PPP trump card of race, but we have to place it on the table this time. The fact remains that mostly Afro-Guyanese are involved in the culture and sports, hence this present administration is not to keen to support such programmes.

In the absence of any genuine cultural and sports programme, we have crime...lots of it too.

One typical example, Guyana did not participate in the recent Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) Games because as we heard, there was lack of funding. These games which are for kids 16 and under, have emerged as the stepping stone for a number of the regional athletes that we are now hearing. Veronica Campbell and Barbados' Thompson are just a few names that we can recall off the top of our heads.

And by the way, the media never dared to ask about the Guyana opting out of the games. It would be interesting to know what will Guyana team look like at the inaugural Caribbean Championships slated for Trinidad and Tobago next July.

At least information about the holding of this Championship has been made available for months now, but we expect Guyana to be rushing in June to assemble a team. And when they do, funding will be a problem, although the venue is T&T.


  1. your wrong, guyanese people have plenty culture.. well at least if yuh coolie.