Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hinckson life in danger?

The PNCR is deeply concerned about continuing reports that Oliver Hinckson has been placed in solitary confinement, without proper procedures being observed, shunted from police station to police station, repeatedly denied bail and, generally, being harassed by the Jagdeo PPP/C Administration.

It seems that the conditions are being created to harm Oliver Hinckson physically or to break his spirit. In the circumstances, where the security forces seem to have been given licence for such violations against Mr. Hinckson, matters could easily get out of hand with potentially disastrous consequences. Guyanese will remember that it was such unsavoury and illegal methods that led to the recent death of Edwin Niles.

The PNCR wishes to make it quite clear that the safety and well being of Oliver Hinckson is a direct responsibility of the Jagdeo regime and, therefore, if any harm should come to him, the Administration would be accountable to the Guyanese people.

It is time that the Jagdeo Administration understands that the continued suppression of the rights of individual citizens is highly provocative and can lead to consequences which will have a negative impact on the political and economical development of this society.

The Jagdeo Administration must drop the pretence that Hinckson is being tried for sedition and encouraging others to commit a terrorist act. Oliver Hinckson is a political prisoner. Nothing which is said or done by the Jagdeo Administration, at this time, suggests otherwise.

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