Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who let the guns pass?

Barrels addressed to existing people (no phantom) is unheated by the joint services and three men are wanted, including a Trinidadian who should have been deported a long time ago on some trumped up allegation since his name was always among persons with shady characters.

In Guyana, we are not that smart to keep a wire on foreigners who appear to be leaning to criminal enterprises.

However, we are also similarly perturbed that a shipment of guns and ammunition slipped past our customs. Surely, the cameras set up by Sattur and viewed from Luncheon's office, should have picked up something. Unless, the shippers were carefree after striking a deal with high authority.

Who knows how many more may have gone unnoticed? How many AKs? How many lives lost through the shipment of these arms?

The ghost of so many of our citizens continue to wrestle daily and the living continue to have nightmares. We need to have this evil knot of violence untied - unraveled if you may.

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