Saturday, September 06, 2008

Guyana strange from President down

Guyana is a very strange land and nothing now amazes us here, not even this crap (GMC ain't hear Minister BLACK CAT say Guyanese more concerned about food and roof over heads than any torture. Excessive Torture by the military built us to withstand a few smack that wherever the hands fall...booty...back...face) .

We are probably the only nation with a President who divorced his wife while serving. Could he be the only gay president serving? Just food for through.

The only country in CARICOM where school children use pit latrines at schools.

The only country in the Latin-America and Caribbean region with a major race problem.

The only nation in CARICOM where Tourism is absent (Guyana must be the black sheep of CARICOM especially with Jagdeo making this EPA negotiations into a mockery).

And speaking of Jagdeo...Guyana is probably the only nation that has a head-of-state that bump and grinds the constituents as often as possible in public, even if it degrades women.

The only regional state where the Opposition Leader is more or less a 'plate cloth'.

The only English speaking nation where a Magistrate can shoot a cop in the face and walk off scotch free without even attracting as much as a charge.

The only Caribbean country without a proper sport programme and facilities. And we are not talking crime, at least not yet...feel free to add to the list.

If we don't admit our faults we will not know what to fix.


  1. The only nation where GINA staff writing under ghost names are keeping the state paper letter column alive.

  2. The only county in the Caribbean where you can be greeted at the airport by the occasional donkey.

  3. Brown tap water is drinking water.

    The CEO of World Cup failed, but is rewarded with another CEO job.

    The Government signs deals outside of the law and although discovered, absolutely no one is fired.

  4. where the prime minister disagrees with a pay hike because he feels the citizen will waste the extra money.

  5. The President of France divorced his wife and remarried a model who recently became a singer-all while in that's not true that that happened only in Guyana. Do some research.