Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Khan party

The PNCR has followed recent reports that the lawyer representing Roger Khan has been arrested for allegedly planning the elimination and the neutralising of key witnesses in the case against Khan. What is indeed alarming and what has been made clear in the excerpts in the court documents, is that the “phantom squad”, on the orders of Roger Khan, was supposed to carry out this exercise. Indeed, here is confirmation that Khan is the head of the “phantom squad” which every Guyanese knows operates both in and out of Guyana . These revelations have confirmed what the PNCR has been saying all along, that is, Khan has used “phantom squads” to carry out his biddings and the activities of his criminal enterprise.

These revelations are all the more important because Khan has admitted a relationship with the Jagdeo Administration. In statements he made before his arrest in Suriname , Khan boasted that he had been engaged in crime fighting activities to support and protect the Jagdeo Administration. On the basis of the foregoing evidence such crime fighting activities had to be done by the “phantom squad.” Its stands to reason therefore that Jagdeo and his cohorts cannot pretend to be unaware of what Roger Khan and his criminals were doing. The bombshell revelation of today are a further indication that as the pre-trial and actual trial take place it will emerge with even greater clarity that the Jagdeo Administration was in bed with Roger Khan, his “phantom squad” and the drug cartels.

The PNCR believes, that based on the confirmation by the US courts that Khan was head of the “phantom squad” which operated in Guyana , the Commissioner of Police and other law enforcement agencies must immediately begin an investigation into the extra-judicial killings of more than three hundred (300) Guyanese citizens between 2002 and 2004 by the Roger Khan criminal enterprise.

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