Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irfan Ally as Housing Minister, who will sit in Parliament

If this KN article is true as we suspect it is, then Irfan Ally has just become the fastest to scale up the ladder within the PPP/C, outdoing Robert Persaud and Bharrat Jagdeo as young PPP/C members to break into the Ministerial ranks at a relatively early stage of their political journey.

Ally is a sharp economist, fitting the description of Bharrat Jagdeo in his younger days at the Ministry of Finance.

Ally is a young, fairly untainted community organiser who worked tirelessly during the post-flood era, heading up the Government's flood relief payout scheme at the Ministry of Finance. Ally is currently a Parliamentary backbencher for the PPP/C and is now likely to move to the front to sit face-to-face with the ugly goons on the other side of the floor. That is the reason why the PNCR has placed all of it's ugliest people in the frontbench, to scare the young MPS on the Government side.

Here in lies the President's problem and his roadside stone that will possibly see his third term ambitions fail. The representative of the Nominations Lists is PPP General Secretary, Donald Ramotar. While Jagdeo decides who sits in Cabinet, Ramotar ultimately decides who sits in the National Assembly. And those who sit in the National Assembly will have to decide if they will stand with the PNCR and give the two-thirds vote for Jagdeo to continue another term.

This is where MPs who are not Cabinet members can opt to disobey the Jagdeo establishment and swing with Ramotar going forward. After all, Ramotar has thrown his hat in the ring as possible canidates to carry the PPP/C governmental reign beyond 28 years. Unless of course, the Jagdeo wand holds more weight in the party than is publicly perceived.

There are lots of persons to choose from the Party's National Top Up list submitted at the last elections in 2006, but it will be interesting to see who Ramotar replaces Ally with. Maybe he can cherry pick number 22 on the Party's National Top Up List, Pastor Kwame Gilbert, who has been seriously sucking up to the PPP/C of late. His choice will give the PPP/C religious depth.

Ramotar can continue with fresh faces in the back bench and opt for number 42 on the National Top Up List, Shyam Nokta, a consultant and son of long-serving member, Harripersaud Nokta. If Ramotar wants to really go for a fresh face then number 65 on the list is as green as it gets - Natasha Waldron, a former editor and anchor at NCN. If former sports journalist, Steve Nanvalle can do it then Waldron can too.

And then, there is also Brian Yong an IT entrepreneur.

If this KN article is true as we suspect it is then this group will have to look for new sources


  1. Ally is not a smart guy, he is just a good follower. Get that!

  2. Comrade Donald will do what is good for Guyana by choosing someone of class and integrity, who can represent the constituents.

  3. Bullshit! Your Donald duck will select someone who can toe the party line.

  4. Donald will indeed do what’s best for Guyana, if he select Irfan Ally as Housing Minister to sit in parliament, Then Ally must have class and integrity. Donald will only select someone if they can handle the job.