Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where have they gone?

Khan and Simels got them?
Was it Fineman's ghost?
Did they finally get eaten by those big, black mosquitos?
Was it one of Mc Koy's smelly bombs?
Were they kidnapped by SASOD?
Was it Killaman Lall or Ghilhuys that fired the deadly shot...We know they hardly miss?
Must have fell over into one of those pit latrines.

No contact for a while today and we are very, very, very suspicious that something is wrong, especially with the numerous fights in the blog sphere of recent.

Whatever it is, the fellas over here, will surely
not be missed.

After so many, many, years of tormenting the status quo of this nation,
the delete button finally came under the mouse click. It’s distressing to say the least friends. Gone so soon and although we never met, there is an inclination buried deep somewhere in our neighbours latrine which speak to missing them.

Update: Everything appears to have returned to normalcy.


  1. Ha... 360 you want problems start up.

  2. Far from reality. If you ask Critic, the blog did go down sometime yesterday. We don't look for trouble just ask around.