Saturday, September 13, 2008

When the system fail, vigilante justice steps in

Linden police are trying to track down an alleged serial rapist who was shot early yesterday morning during a confrontation with a businessman at One Mile, Wismar. vigilante

Police say that the suspect is at present before the courts for sexual attacks on two women from the community.

Kaieteur News understands that he is also a suspect in Thursday’s attack at the Wismar Hospital, in which bandits invaded the compound and robbed two nurses, while raping one of the victims in the process.

According to reports, the suspect had entered the yard of businessman Philip Fordyce, when residents spotted him and raised an alarm.

The businessman, who owns a licensed handgun, armed himself and discharged a few rounds at the intruder, reportedly wounding him in the stomach and shoulder.

However, the suspect scaled Fordyce’s front fence and escaped, leaving a trail of blood in the yard.

According to reports, the blood trail ended in Silver Hill, almost a mile away from Fordyce’s home.

Police officials say that the suspect was charged in 2007 in connection with two women who were attacked in their homes. One of the women managed to wound the intruder, and the suspect was arrested after he was found with a similar injury.

However, he reportedly was granted bail on the two charges, as well as on a third charge regarding the theft of a firearm.

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