Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roger Khan arranges hit behind bars...

Khan's defense attorney, Robert Simels, was arrested Wednesday and "charged with attempting to arrange the murder of the main witness against Khan who is allegedly head of the murderous "Phantom Squad death squad," which the US Court has said has already killed over 200 persons in Guyana.

The United States government alleges in a federal complaint that he paid hit-man "$1,000 for the hit" to a hit-man. Simels's instruction to the hit-man included "strict orders not to kill the witness' mother." The complaint states that Simels attempted to "eliminate" and "neutralize" the witness. The hit-man turned out to be a government informant.

The US Justice Department say that on June 19, Robert Simels met with the government informant in his office and paid $1,000 for the murder of the witness.

The conversation which was caught on tape, according to the federal complaint, proceeded as follows:


Here's a thousand dollars to get started.
Government Informant: Alright, no problem.
Simels: Um, all he (Kahn) says is be careful. He says don't kill the mother.
Government Informant: Don't kill the mother
Simels: He said you know, said just, just...
Government Informant: So what other option would he prefer?
Simels: He doesn't want you anywhere near her.
Government Informant: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I, I can't get anywhere near it. That's why I'm asking about other options does he prefer, you know? So I can know what I'm doing I do exact so what, what I know well he can't say well you know I didn't approve it.
Simels: Well, he'd like as much pressure being put on (John Doe #1) as possible. Uh, but he thinks that if (John Doe #1)'s mother gets killed that...
Government Informant: takes.
Simels: The government will go crazy. Uh, and he's probably right.

CGID President, Rickford Burke said that the Institute has for years exposed the fact that Khan Phantom has been engaged in murder for hire in Guyana with impunity. Burke alleged that "The President of Guyana and the Guyana government is aware of this but has done nothing to eliminate the gang or investigate its murder because Khan activities have protected the government and have sometimes been on behalf of the Jagdeo administration.

It has obdurately refused to launch an investigation into these mass murders. There have been credible allegations and evidence that the Phantom death squad has executed over 200 individuals allegedly under the direction of former Minister of National Security, Ronald Gajraj, Roger Khan and others who remain in the Guyana government.

Mr. Gajraj was forced to resign after leaked phone records revealed hundreds of telephone communication between his cell phone and that of a Phantom death squad leader, Axel Williams, and the US State Department announced that he was linked to crime. Williams was later himself executed. Prior to his death, Gajraj had approved an upgrade in his gun license, while he was under indictment for murder. This is another manifestation of the poisonous corruption of the Jagdeo regime and its complicity with criminals.

Burke noted that CGID expressed concern when Simels when to Guyana and named the witnesses in Khan's trial at a press conference, putting their lives and that of their families in imminent danger. Burke said that "I was therefore pleased when United States District Judge Dolra Irizarry ruled on May 13 that Khan should face an anonymous jury because his criminal network poses a danger to the safety and security of the jurors.

Burke said that all Guyanese must express outraged Khan and his Attorney would allegedly attempt to export their murder for hire practice from Guyana to the United States. His said that the Guyana government should be made to account for its complicity with Khan for the past ten years.

The Federal Complaint Khan and his Attorney may be seen here:

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