Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bishop Dhanwan

It was the year 2000 and Guyana’s minority homosexual community was desperately trying to have legislation passaged to stop a variety of discrimination.

Their concerns, which included employment discrimination, was taken up by the house of parliament and after careful review, a protective bill was approved unanimously across the political aisle.

It was then ascended to the President for his final approval. The Gay community breathed a sigh of relief as they anticipated no objection from Mr. Jagdeo since his MP’s in the house of parliament were in support of the draft.

Suddenly, out of left field the boogie man appeared and things suddenly took a disastrous ninety degree turn for the hopes of Gays to live in a harassment free Guyana. The boogie man manifested himself in the form of Bishop Edghill, whom was accompanied by his gang "the religious right".

The imposing faith base leader organized a formidable lobby against the approval of any rights being afforded to Gays and threatened President Jagdeo that he would instruct Guyana’s christian populous to ativate civil disobedience if the legislation was signed into law.

Characterizing the traits of the bully, “Adolf Hitler", Bishop Edghill immediately embarked on a campaign to demonized the Gay community and referred to them as child molesting deviants. He activated societal panic by informing the public that if Gays were successful in achieving protective rights, they would be emboldened to sexually molest their children with impunity.

He called on members of all religious faith, including Hindus & Muslims, to show solidarity by registering a unified message to the Government that there would be political consequences if Gays were given rights. The Bishop’s reckless actions reinforced and approved homophobia in the society and placed the lives of homosexuals in direct peril. Fearing a political backlash, President Jagdeo buckled under duress from the Bishop’s forceful lobbying and declined to sign the Gay Rights Bill.

It is now December 2007 and again we see Bishop Edghill demonstrating the same bullying tactics. This time however, it is directed at the Guyana Police Force. According to the Stabroek Newspaper, while officiating the funeral of contraversially slain Pastor Ian David, Bishop Edghill scathingly attacked the Police’s investigation of the so called man of God by stating "we the Church strongly criticize the Police as they are not interested in solving this murder and denounce them using Pastor David’s lifestyle to prejudicially formulate assumptions and theories about the motive for his killing".

The Bishop then went on to reveal confidential internal techniques being used by the police to investigate the shooting. The Public viewed the Bishop’s comments as an attempt to influence and interfere with the Police’s probe (particularly since he is the chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission and a loyal PPP supporter) and felt that his intent was to manipulate the investigation to produce his desired outcome.

Since Bishop Edghill held Gays accountable to biblical standards back in 2000, it is puzzling that he now rebukes the Police for taking note of Pastor Ian David’s alleged fornicating lifestyle. Why should the Police not consider Pastor David’s immoral character as a factor when conducting their investigation?

After-all, it was widely reported that his conduct was not in keeping with an orthodox church leader. Among the peculiar activities of which he was accused are the cohabitation with women whom were not his lawful wives and involvement with persons of questionable characters. Are religious leaders not required to lead by example?

This is the hypocrisy that some men of the cloth condone and is why Bishop Edghill should be questioned about his double standards. Or perhaps the hideous Bishop feels that homosexuality is the only sin the bible forbade?

Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife nor commit fornication are a couple that are displeasing to God. Should the Bishop not leave the investigation into the death of his colleague in the hands of a higher power and pray that the almighty, all seeing God guide the police to a successful outcome? And why were the Angels not on Pastor David’s side when he was brutally slain?

Is it perhaps that God was aware of his transgressions and turned his back on him? The bible said, whatever a man soweth, so shall he reap and God is very aware of false prophets who attempt to make a mockery of the bible by preaching and rebuking others while living double lives. While the Bishop may feel that he is able to hide the sordid contents of his closet from mankind, he should be aware that God is not asleep and his wrath is merciless to those who use the pulpit as a guise.

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